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Gonna brave the crowds at the stores in LA. Curious if we'll see a ton of bargain hunters out there
At seatac hoping the 2 hour delay doesn't get worse, can't wait to get out of snopocolyptic Seattle and into a sunny Christmas in LA!
Great way to end Coach Holmgren's last game in Seattle! Hats off to Coach for a kick-butt decade of Hawk football!
If I'm still under contract with Sprint for a certain rate, can they just raise it for no reason? Has this ever happened to you?
Loyal to Sprint for 13+ years, classic business run awry, they want to raise my rates and their customer service is awful! AT&T here we come
What industry should be bailed out next now that the car guys are taken care of?
Unreal move by the Yen against the dollar highest since July, 2005... expecting the Japanese gov't to intervene soon
Feds printing money out of thin air drop rates to nearly 0, what next? negative rates? oh shoot, we're already there!
ill-fated move using TARP for auto bailout, short-term gain, long-term pain, total lack of vision, planning, creativity, and leadership.
attempting to stay rational in what seems to be a totally irrational world
Lots to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
blown away by Jack Bauer's fancy leg kill move on last night's 24 tele-movie. Kudos to Fox for filming in Africa!
Doing dumb panic buying (msft, yhoo)... Anyone else panic buying these days?
heading to pubcon tonight!
comcast high speed internet is absolutely awful, unfortunately DSL is not much better
off to NYC until Friday
thinking the over-under for when CNN will call the election will be 2am November 5th... when do you think?
off to bacon salt's baconnaise launch!
happy that is back and doing well, it's a great time to be an entrepreneur now:)
is wondering if anyone will watch scream queens on VH1


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