LAUNCH PAD (fka Demo Pit) Company Profiles

100 stellar startups will be wowing the crowd from the LAUNCH PAD. Located just outside the main hall, each package includes a cocktail table, power, wifi and three conference tickets for our cost of only $1,500.

Founders, bring your A game--the Grand Jury will be selecting at least two companies from the PAD each day to bring up on stage and demo to the whole conference!
Founders: Farhan Lalji, Nabyl Charania
About: Ad Avengers makes display advertising simple, efficient and transparent. Today it’s an ad network, but Ad Avenger plans to connect advertisers and agencies to the right ad network or publisher to make the most of their marketing budget.
Founders: Matt Cooper
About: Dramatically lowering the cost of video ads on the internet by over 50%, Addroid is a web-based ad authoring environment that provides users a way to build video ads (banners) with no Flash and no coding. Building an ad is now as easy as uploading a YouTube video.
Founders: Stephen Young, Randy Schnedler
Founders: Steve Espinosa, Taylor Rose, Philip Hall
About: Backyard is a scrappy young startup that makes local search useful. We serve users with relevant & valuable information about deals in their area with an excellent UX. We're constantly updating our site with promotions for the businesses you actually care about, like bars and restaurants, nail salons, movie theaters, and more.
Founders: Alexander Moore, Mike Chin, Aye Moah, Alex Moore
About:  Baydin helps our customers spend more time doing what they want to do. We help manage their inboxes, discover information they need to know about, and clear mental clutter out of their way. With Baydin, our customers can focus on what's meaningful, while we take care of the rest.
Founders: Nicholas Baily, PJ Ju, Jeff Stewart
About: Belgrave Trust is the first online retailer offering authentic green choices for a design conscious clientele. Matching support for clean projects with killer green products, the smartly curated line lets shoppers and gift-givers impress and inspire, help the planet, and start a conversation for a gilt group life, sans guilt.
Founders: Andy O'Dower, Kevin Melgaard, Jessica Underwood
About: Beyond Credentials offers grads with a 3.0 or above GPA from top universities to create online resume pitch pages that distinguish them from the crowded job applicant pool.
Founders: Tony Legeza, Justin Yamek, Dan Gros
 About: Beyond Gaming is an online portal that exists to offer gamers new ways to enjoy their gaming experience in a safe, secure global platform. The platform provides unique functionality that allows our users to create their own matches and tournaments, automatically verifies results, guarantees secure prize payouts, and more.

Founders: Patrick Ambron, Evan Watson, Robert Sherman
About: is the only web-based platform to help non-techies control how they look online. allows users to quickly publish positive content that shows up high in Google, raise or bury other Google results that already exist, and provides metrics with easy-to-follow steps for users to improve each one.

Founders: Tom Williams, Brad Stokes, Jessica Williams

Founders: John Ganotis, Jeremy Herrman, Dan McVeagh
About: Chogger lets you create, read and share web comics. Chogger allows you to build comics from scratch, whether you have any artistic ability or not. Draw lines and shapes, upload pictures, and add speech balloons.
Founders: Mike MacAdam, Susan Holland
About: Chuala Publisher lets publishers create pronunciation courses for the iPhone or other platforms in less than 15 minutes after recording the words and sentences.
Founder: Mike Wagle
About: Clvr Tv is launching an interactive video player to help Marketing Managers monetize viral videos by upgrading branding opportunities to paying customers while delivering an enhanced experience to the end viewer.

Founders: Ronan Dunlop, Matthew Work, Ben Work
About: Cohuman is the social network for your tasks: a coordination solution, not a collaboration solution. When you share tasks with coworkers and friends, Cohuman is aware of how all your tasks are related and, just as you keep track of people via the social web, Cohuman connects you to updates and info for everything you need to do.
Founders: Leah Culver, Eric Florenzano, Eric Maguire
About: Convore is the best way to communicate with groups in real-time. You can join an existing group or create your own. Then post topics and have conversations with friends about those topics.

Founders: Ryan Damico, Peter Lai, Alex Krupp
About: crocodoc takes your PDFs, Word documents and PowerPoint presentations, and lets you view and mark them up online. Documents can be shared with others, who can collaboratively make revisions. All files are stored securely, and can be password protected and encrypted for maximum security.
Founders: Ryan Waggoner, Ben Rasmusen
About: Daily Path challenges developers to build and launch an app within one month. We deliver 5 articles or blog posts a week to help you on your path, as well as progress tracking and leaderboard motivation.
Founders: Roj Niyogi, Julian Frachtman, Adam Salamon
About: Deed Or Greed is truly social cash-back shopping. Shop for Deed. Shop for Greed.

Founders: Matthew Robenolt, Nayef Zarrour, Joshua Shank
About: Drund is a cloud-based operating system with a maintenance-free website publishing tool, aggregated social and media networks, and remote storage and backup that you can access anywhere there is an Internet connection.
Founders: Nick Bicanic, Remy Kozak, Andrew Wanliss-Orlebar, Davor Dubokovic
About: echoecho is an easy way to ask and answer the question, "Where are you?" With a few simple clicks, you can find your friends anywhere in the world
Founders: Edy Sullistyo, Andi Sie, Lawrence Samantha
About: eEvent honors your guests as ambassadors to share, recommend and invite others to your events. Available for mobile and web, you can create, share and publish your events for free.

Founders: Mike Suprovici, Bill Gleim, Mark Thompson

EyeOnJewels Corp.

Founders: Darius Vasei, Navideh Mostajab
About: EyeOnJewels Corp. blends leading edge technologies with out-of-the-box innovation to help consumers connect with the jewelry and watch markets globally. EyeOnJewels also provides a unique set of retail store SaaS technologies that help store owners and staff become more efficient and effective in what they do best.
Founders: Aaron Greenspan, Kori Shaw, James McGillicuddy
About: FaceCash allows you access funds you've deposited to your account through a personal bar code via FaceCash’s iPhone/Android mobile app or the website. Any retailer who has signed up for FaceCash, owns a computer and a (fairly common) non-laser bar code scanner can process Face Cash transactions, meaning all you need to pay is your phone.


Founders: Brian Curtis
About: Featurestage's mission is to build a universally accessible community and engage it in pursuit of common good.
Founders: Russell Greene, Michael Mogill, Danny Lipton
About: FIT Radio is an online and mobile application that streams high energy, DJ engineered music specifically designed to enhance a workout. The professionally produced sets are created at a certain BPM (beat per minute) and are organized to enhance one’s motivation throughout a workout.
Founders: Matthew Carriere, Shereen Qumsieh, Donabel Santos
About: Whether you're a making a list of your favorite movies, tracking the inventory for your home business, or maintaining a list of contacts, FLIGHTDECK is the perfect tool. Build applications with a single click!
Founder: Terry Jones
About: Fluidinfo is a single web of things providing a no-questions-asked writable social object to represent each and every thing. Using a flexible underlying representation of information and a new model of control, it allows users and applications to work with information without constraint. It also allows users to choose exactly which information to share with whom, with separate controls for reading and writing.
Founders: Aric Boyles
About: lets anyone create and share stunning full screen photo slideshows on sites like eBay, Craigslist, Facebook, blogs, online stores, real estate sites and anywhere you can embed a single line of code.
Founders: Sami Rageb, Matt Covell, Thevin Sattayatam
About: Gamers Portal makes it simple for gamers and teams to interact, share and meet in real life. We provide tools, social features and more to help simplify the world of gaming, in real time.

Founders: Frank Langston, Camilo Acosta, Tony Primerano
About: GeoSkipper is the world’s first plug-and-play tool that allows any website to geo-target its content to visitors from different cities or countries without any developer work. GeoSkipper increases conversions and engagement by allowing websites to serve geographically relevant messaging, prices, and deals.

Founder: Arnon Shafir
About: Give2Gether makes social activism available to ordinary Joes. Think of it as the Twitter of philanthropy--a tailored, self-service SaaS platform helping non-profits monetize social interactions. Give2Gether turns strangers into friends, friends into donors and donors into fundraisers, at 1/3 of the traditional cost.
Founders: Brian Krejcarek
About: GreenGoose is fun game platform for doing things in the real world. Wireless sensors automatically measure things you do! They're stickers you can put on things like toys, vitamin bottles, toothbrushes, floss, bikes, and cereal boxes. It's for kids and families, but also for big kids and can be played on the web, Facebook, or mobile.
Founders: Chad Thornton, Joe Edelman, Jordan Stout
About: Groundcrew coordinates on-the-ground action with teams. Use location, availability, and skills to mobilize in real time via text, IM, email or Twitter.
Founder: Pat McCarthy 
About: GuideMe is a web app that helps you ask for, receive, and organize trusted restaurant recommendations. GuideMe lets you ask your friends for specific suggestions, aggregates the results, and then makes them useful and actionable.


Founders: Michael Yavonditte, Jane Kim, Emily Hickey, Rachel Sklar
About: Hashable helps you capture moments and track your strongest relationships. Post (and share) who you meet with and introduce, then discover new people by seeing who your friends are meeting. You'll see an accurate network of who you connect with the most, while keeping track of everyone you meet in your 'relationship book.'

Founders: Jayce Broda, Wan Sze Kong 
About: lets you experience a day-in-the-life of a successful expert in the profession you always dreamed of joining. Watch videos, learn more, then decide if you're ready to make your dream job a reality.
Founders: Catalin Iuga, Daniel Herdean, Lau Ardelean

Founders: Tammam Kbeili, Jason Holtslander, Paul Cordick
About: iJourney is a place to share the journey of your life with text, videos and photos. Create a page for the everyday to capture life's best moments. You control the privacy so you can share with everyone on your social networks, the personal network you build in iJourney or keep your memories for yourself.

Founders: Thomas McLeod, Emil Anticevic, Patrick Jackson

Founders: Joe Fahrner, Jason Konrad, Abraham Williams
About: helps you find people asking questions about things you have answers to.
Founders: Erik Christiansen, Travis Logan
About: offers online merchants a widget to share coupon codes directly on their site. Our social coupon feature includes a social referral tool which offers customers an extra discount in real time if they share on their social walls.

Founders: Nitin Gupta (, Jay Mandal
About: LawPivot is a legal Q&A website enabling companies--especially startups--to confidentially receive crowdsourced legal answers from highly qualified lawyers for a fraction of the cost. The site also allows lawyers to market their legal services by sharing expert advice and participating in discussions.

Founders: John Rydell, Paul Rydell, Kevin Reeves

Founders: Hong Ting Wong, Wenhan Zhou, Christina Ng, Yixiang Liang
About: MobDis is a revolutionary mobile advertising creation platform for designers and marketers to create rich, interactive mobile ads in an easy-to-use application. With MobDis, advertisers no longer need to comprising on sluggish and uninspiring mobile ads.
Founder: Shinji Murakoshi
About: Moso revolutionizes video production, making it quick, simple, and enjoyable--and nothing like the difficult and time consuming process of the past. The intuitive interface allows one button production and editing, as well as professional motion text results.
Founders: Mikey Moran, Chris Harter, Quinton Pike
About: Mougg is a web and mobile platform that allows you to store all your music in the cloud and play it on any wirelessly connected device. No complicated software to download and install, just you and your music anytime and anywhere.
Founder: Justin Baker
Founders: Bachir Kassir, Georgio Kassir, Shahin Naji
About: MyTradeZone is a business-to-business social networking and lead generation site. It's where B2B companies connect and network. MyTradeZone is a specialized search engine for businesses, their products and services.

Founder: Anne Baldinucci
About: NabeWise lets you search for information about neighborhoods near you. Once you have your top matches, NabeWise pulls in local wisdom (the good, bad and unexpected) and combines it with valuable neighborhood data such as maps, school ratings, photos, videos, types of people, real estate values, nightlife, dining, and more.

Founders: Anne Amuzu, Edward Amartey-Tagoe, Michael Dakwa
About: Nandimobile's customer-service technology enables businesses to connect with their mobile customers and easily engage, inform and manage their customer relationships.
Founders: Nina Grigorieva, Roman Karachinsky
About: News360 provides mobile users with a real-time, personalized news experience that is locally and socially relevant to them. Our semantic analysis and natural language processing tools are used to aggregate thousands of news sources into one central spot.
Founders: Jeremy Toeman, Adam Burg
About: NudgeMail is a dead-simple reminder system, based entirely in email, that lets you stay on top of important emails without having to create complicated rules or learn any new systems. It's the easiest way to send yourself reminders ever devised.
Founders: Justin Wilcox and 9 other kickass guys
About: OnCompare is like “Yelp for Software as a Service.”  In a fragmented and expanding marketplace, OnCompare helps customers find the perfect online services for the needs (and helps online services find the perfect customers).

Founders: Michael Stephenson, Stephen Jagger
About: is a leased labor business based in Manila. David Allen of Getting Things Done says: do it (if it takes 2 minutes or less), trash it, delegate it, file it, or put it on your to-do list or calendar to do later. We allow start-ups to scale their human capital on demand.
Founders: Anthony Feint
About: is a super fast way to publish content online. It takes just seconds to create a page and start adding content. has been designed as a more permanent alternative to blogs. Blogs are great for posting regular content - with, you can create a page and set and forget.

Founders: Bob Gale, Alex Koloskov, Ryan Morel
About: PressOK Entertainment's location enabled, mobile gaming platform, PlacePlay, allows game developers and publishers to increase end user engagement and revenue through the use of virtual currency, virtual goods, local tournaments and more.

Founders: Blaise Bayuo, Rinkart Asibey, Isaac Nortey, Samuel Tuffuor 
About: RetailTower develops solutions for online merchants that enable them to market their products over multiple online marketing channels. Merchants can import inventory to create shopping data feeds for price comparison engines, then measure and analyze those campaigns to optimize web traffic.
Founders: Paul Reinarz, Hugh Morgan, Mike Russo
About: Rezora is multi-tiered email marketing for large sales and marketing organizations. We let companies say goodbye to rogue sales agents sending out last year's marketing materials.
Founders: Simon Koldyk, Allan Lei, Yiyang Tsui
About: Rhino Accounting is a free online accounting software for small businesses. We've integrated with Google Apps so there's no need to duplicate your contacts or have yet another login.

Founders: Nick End, Breck Fresen, Matt Wilkinson 
About: Shoefitr takes the guesswork out of buying shoes online. Using 3D scanning technology to scan the insides of shoes, Shoefitr shows a shopper how a shoe will fit and recommends the best fitting size. Any brand, any size, always a fit.
Founders: Rebecca Xiong, Jason Troy
About: SocMetrics helps businesses get more users and sales by building strong word of mouth with the key influencers in their space.  We help you to identify the key influencers, and understand how they are influential for more effective engagement. Imagine if the top 20 bloggers, decision makers and people of note in your niche were talking about you...

Founders: Sam Rosen, Elliot Tomaeno
About: SpeakerGram makes it easier for speakers and event organizers to connect. If you're a speaker, we provide a single dashboard to manage your requests and engagements. For event organizers, we make it easy to know the status of your invitations.

Founders: Dan Cheung, Sam Cheung, Nick Hughes
About: Spork is a hyper-local platform that enables granular local search, social gifting, and deals. Built on top of the platform is a food discovery application that helps users find dishes, decide on menu items, and share with friends.
Founder: Nick Frost
About: StartupList is the marketplace for startup discovery, and connecting startups with a community of early adopters. With StartupList, you will have the best startup experience there is with a featured post, personal interview, and valuable feedback from an eager audience in our BetaCandy application. Submit your startup today and get discovered.
Founders: Francis Ahose, Samuel Darko
About: Streemio aims to provide subscribers with a highly personalized music experience, better engaging the listener and thus creating a higher-value advertising medium for businesses to reach their target audiences.

Founders: Brian Frank, John Magdziarz, Laura Keresty
About: Swerve delivers a simple and engaging experience via smartphone that makes event discovery and sharing easy and fun.
Founders: Davide Di Cillo, Dan Reverri
About: SyncPad is the ultimate whiteboard for remote and local collaboration. Create a room with your SyncPad and share the name with your co-worker to meet up in your personal chat room where you can enjoy a live connection experience, as if you were working the very same whiteboard, no matter where you are.
Founders: Jason Izatt, David Pettit
About: TaleSpring allows authors and storytellers to create animated, interactive books that can be published to mobile devices such as the iPad, iPhone, and Android phones and tablets.

Founders: Luther Lowe, Bryce Maddock, Jaspar Weir 
About: TaskUs provides cost-cutting and reliable offshore labor solutions to business. Our core philosophy is to find, build and nurture partnerships, not just act as service providers.
Founders: Chris Lynch, Tim Low, Jamey Baumgardt
About: helps you quickly and easily give the right gift, at the right time. Available as a web and mobile application, the service recommends unique and thoughtful gifts and helps users manage important dates for the most important people in their lives.

Founders: Marco Zappacosta, Jonathan Swanson, Michael laxman
About: Thumbtack combines the purchasing power of the web with the information of a search directory. Thumbtack gives you the ability to find service professionals like plumbers, roofers and tailors, then vet, contact and book them--all in one place.

Founders: Paul Hobkirk, Brad Robinson, Nick Maher, Damien Haynes, Tom Horn
About: TingoFamily is an app for you and your children's phones that keeps the whole family in touch. The phone's GPS allows you to always know where the kids are, while features like the check-in button let your kids report they're ok and assistance mode instantly alerts the whole family when someone is in trouble.

Founders: Eric Siegfried, Federico Ramallo
About: TangoSource is a software development company specializing in Ruby on Rails, remote bootstrapping, and app incubation. Based in Seattle and Latin America, we are a group of developers, strategists, and experience architects. We are passionate about shipping early, often, and on varied platforms. TangoSource will be demoing Todo Zen, a personal productivity tool for the Mac.
Founders: Sunil Subhedar, Salil Pandit, Randy Almand, Cyrus Gray
About: TopDish is your personal dining concierge. We simplify the discovery of great dishes and provide personalized recommendations based upon your interests, lifestyle, and dietary needs. Feed your craving with TopDish.
Founders: Charles Armstrong, Michael Peters, Tony Miller
About: Tour Wrist is an online and mobile marketing platform. Breakthrough technology allows us to take you inside businesses, real estate and more, just like you're there.
Founders: William Cleere, Bryan Zhang, Kerry Vlasov
About: Trademarkia is the largest visual search engine for more than 6 million trademarked logos, names, and slogans on the Internet. We provide software and technology tools to help facilitate and automate trademark processes.

Founders: Sally Broom, Liz Sutcliffe, Colin Hayhurst
About: connects you directly with a hand-picked trusted local in your trip destination, because we all know there’s no better source of accurate, up to date information than a local insider. Our global network of Tripbods in more than 70 countries is your ‘friend at the other end’, and you can connect with us one-to-one before you arrive to get personalized, timely trip advice.
Founders: Alex Karelin, Steve Lackenby, Alex Pronin 
Founders: Luca Filigheddu, Marco Amadori
About: Twimbow is a colorful, web-based Twitter client with a focus on filtering. Assign different colors to different users and groups, and change the color of a tweet shown in the app by adding a #color tag. You can then sort and filter tweets by color.
Founders: Lorenzo Caffarri, Jay Patel
About: ubiCabs is a brand new way to find taxi services online. Just type in your current location to search our massive database with ease and get cab listings for your area in seconds via our site or your iPhone or Android phone.

Founders: Joe Ward, Robert Kennedy, Renee Blodgett, Ilia Muriente
Founder: Deena Varshavskaya
About: Wanelo (from Want, Need, Love) is a community platform for shopping that enables peopel to post, find and collect their favorite products from anywhere online.

Founders: Dan Lynn, Bart Lorang, Travis Todd
About: WhoSent.It delivers sender insights with every e-mail you get, no matter what type of inbox you have.   WhoSent.It compiles information from the web, social networks and even your company's CRM and delivers it inside each e-mail or as an attachment.  There are no client plugins to install and WhoSent.It works on any device, e-mail platform, or e-mail client.

Founders: Regan Wolfrom, Mike Friesen
About: Windsoc provides a media-rich social client built on a Unified Social API. We'll be rocking the Launch Conference with our Windsoc@Launch Activity Channels, keeping attendees and the world in touch with what's innovative and new at Launch.

Founders: Josh Payne, Scott Mars, Jason Tice, Brandon Frank, Eric Morrison
About: yourgroups is a private group network that was created to provide a platform to manage the social circles you interact with regularly. Whether its your closest friends, family or co-workers, yourgroups provides a private place that supports your daily communications.
Founders: Dan Olsen, Chris Haase
About: YourVersion is "Pandora for your real-time content," a personalized discovery engine that brings you the latest news, blogs, tweets and videos on the topics you care about. The YourVersion product suite spans our website, free apps for iPad, iPhone, Android phones, and Android tablets, and tools for every browser so you can discover your version of the web.
Founders: Marc Held, Punit Shah, Jeremy Levine
About: Zazu is a mobile app that verbally wakes you up to information such as weather, your calendar, email and news. It's a fully customizable application for each user by allowing them access to fine-tune the information they hear, from RSS feeds, social media streams or calendar events.